About us

Beginning ....

The price always happens to be the crucial factor in buying any product or service. We had valuable input from CS Vikas Khare regarding what price will attract more clients. Then our internal team worked on delivering a working website at reasonable price which included domain registration charges as well.

We started providing website @ ₹ 995/- way back in 2008.

After delibrations we arrived at a package of domain registration, hosting space and 2 free email accounts at ₹ 995/- that was offered to our prospective clients then.

Present ....

As years passed various parameters that govern pricing changed and we were required to make changes in the package being offered. Also we improved upon the spectrum of services that are offered over these years.

To give best value now we offer 1 GB of hosting space @ ₹ 995/- per year to our clients.

Our other services that we offer are also in line with ₹ 995/- pricing and give value for money to our clients.

To honour the response that was generated for price tag ₹ 995 we decided to book the domain 995website.com Hence this website offering various internet services at affordable price.

The initial 4 - 5 years of this novel pacakge was driven by efforts of team members lead by Ms. Poonam Shah.

Later this mantle of leading the team was taken over by Ms. Vrushali Angre. Vrushali's contribution has come in the form of using CMS systems like WordPress in the implementation of the websites.

Both of them have made foundation of this 995 website concept very strong.

Future ....

We shall be increasing spectrum of services in the time to come.

995 website team